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Real Estate

Agent and property video and photo profiles

Wildcard offers a range of video services for you to represent yourself online, from simple Intro & Outro profiles, to full production house compositions. With the power of the AutoPlay Software the offering of true video solutions for all your listings has never been easier, with video statistics rocketing, google search rankings rating higher with video presence, and browser interactivity you would be mad not to take advantage and get on board.

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Media rich public directory

PlacesNZ helps you find the places in New Zealand you want. We live in a great country, but where is everything? Up until now, finding the little places in your local backyard were difficult. with a little help from all the locals, this will no longer be the case.
Parks, beaches, walks, rest areas, picnic sites and much more. Places help you find what you want, where you want and when your want it. Coming soon to a PC and mobile device near you.

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