Project PlacesNZ is aimed to help you find the places in New Zealand you want. We live in a great country, with so many exciting things to do. With a little help from you the locals, and the powers at be, we’ll show them to you.

PlacesNZ “Beta” will be released for summer 2015 it is built with a 100% labour of love to help give you, the locals a more detailed site to find the places you love, or don’t yet know you love. Over time we will be releasing more and more places throughout the country.

The first release may seem a little sparse of data, but have no fear, more will come. If we waited till we covered the whole country, this site would never go live.

Our motive for taking on this challenge is simple, we have enough trouble finding what’s in our own back yard, let alone someone else's!! PlacesNZ is here to help showcase some of NZ’s stunning places and provide reference to those hidden gems that we need on a day to day basis - the local playgrounds, skateparks, parks, reserves, boatramps etc.

We look forward to your feedback, and we can't wait to share this experience with you.