All About Wildcard Media

Wildcard a team of entrepreneurial and intrapreneurially creatives with 14+ years of media experience under the belts We have dabbled in most forms of media from our own automotive movies, documentaries, weekly magazine layouts, print adverts, billboards, television commercials, 3D, animation.. the list is long.

Although we can deliver you a complete package, our main strength over the last few years has been in the presence of media online.

We specialise in custom designed & built responsive websites, the beauty when working with us, is that we offer you fresh creative thinking, photo and video solutions to suit your needs, and also bump up your SEO.

We offer static or responsive templates if we have to, but only if you hold us at gun point, or if budget is not your friend and you need a solution really fast. In saying that you may be surprised at how affordable a custom package is with us!

We have spent many many years working very closely with the team at AutoPlay providing multiple media solutions on and offline.

Long story short, we love what we do here, we work at it like its still our hobby, with passion and enthusiasm.